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To book a portrait, first msg me using the “contact” link.

I will need a photo that is clear and in focus. Eyes are a big bonus as they show the life of the animal, but if your pet is napping, or you want an unusual angle that’s fine too, as long as it is in focus.

An oil painting is priced by the size of the canvas, or timber, support.

20cm x 20cm is $50 + postage. These are done on timber board and come with a hook, but can be framed.

20cm x 25cm on stretched canvas is ON SPECIAL for $85 for a single subject - including postage in Australia. More then one subject needs to go larger.

30cm x 30cm, one subject, $150 on canvas.

30cm x 40cm, one subject, $200, 2 subjects, $250

40cm x 50cm, one subject $500, 2 subjects $580, 3 subjects $620, 4 subjects $660 At the moment I do not offer larger paintings. Coloured pencil is much more time extensive. One picture can take days, and the price reflect this. It is intensive, quality work.

An 10” by 8” on coated board (timber) for $300. This is for one subject. A person with a pet or a second pet in the picture, $400.

I also do people portraits, one person $350 - more then one person we are going to have to go up in size and I’ll discuss it with you. Outside of Australia postage will be by given in the quote.

I use Prismacolor, Caron d’Arche and Faber Castell pencils. For the 10” x 8” pictures I use Ampersand pastel boards, for larger works Mi-Tints paper. All work is sprayed with fixative and lightfast.

Please contact me by email at if you have any questions.

Examples of photo references

This photo is of a cute puppy (my sisters Chihuahua) but it would not make a good portrait. Very little of the face can be seen, and you can't see the eyes at all.

This photo of the same pup is much better. The eyes can be seen clearly and the cheeky charactor of Pandorica shows!
This would make a really fun painting! But as a portrait it wouldn't be much use. Once again - if I can't see the eyes I can't really give you a picture of YOUR pet (there are a few exceptions to this, but it is a fairly strict rule!)
I don't really like this picture of Hamish. I find him a little bland and I would be reluctant to do a portrait from it. However, there are times when it is not possible to get a better picture, and there is really nothing wrong with this one from an art point of view. Hamish is my cat and I know what a character he really is!
This photo is perfectly fine. I looked hard to find a bad photo of Pluto, my macaw, but he is so camera aware that he always poses and I don't have a bad picture of him!