Girl at the Beach - Eliza's Art

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I started breathing in 1962, and so far, I have not stopped.

I started drawing as a child, and I never stopped that either. My first paid art job was at 12 when the Nuns paid me the princely sum of $5 to draw around the edges of all the blackboards in the school. There were 15 board and it took me 3 days. I have a feeling I was underpaid, but at the time it set up the thought that I could make money from my art - and from that point on and artist was all I wanted to be.

As an adult I have held many jobs. Most of them were self created as I also was a mother with two sons and wanted to remain around the house. I ran a local newspaper, worked at a video store, trained horses, dogs and cattle (for show), worked as the head of the art department at the Sunshine Coast Yellow Pages, and was one of the first web designers in Australia. For some years I made a good living from my art, but it has been more of a struggle since the Global Financial Crisis.

I live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, love my pets, riding my bike and, of course, my art which has been the one constant all my life.