Sewing – the patterns!

The clothing that I’m making to send overseas are all made from very simple patterns. In some cases the only “pattern” is the shape of the arm hole.

The dresses with the straps are called “pillowslip dresses” because they can be made from pillowslips. Mine aren’t, they are all made from scratch from lengths of fabric. This is because they are made in different sizes.

You can find patterns for pillowship dresses all over the net. Some are fancier then others. Here are some that I like.

The dresses I make are slightly different in that they have elastic across the front and back and tie around the arms. The measurements I use are these – worked out and donated specifically for projects like this one.

Here is the pattern for the armholes

And here is the sizing chart.

I’d like to thank everyone who came up with these patterns for the use of those who sew for charity – and for mums who sew.

I’ll put up more pattern links in my next post.

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