The Project

The student stood nervously beside his project. He was proud of the end result, but still a little dubious as to the validity of the possible outcome.

“Hmmm” the examiner said, tapping his teeth with the end of a pencil “Did you have any help with this?”

“No” the student said proudly “It’s all my own work”

“Are you sure? Some are saying that you didn’t do this alone.”

The student was shocked. “Who is saying this?” he asked.

“Well,” the examiner said, peering closely at the project “These people here are worshiping you…”

“It happens in 90% of cases” the student said, feigning modesty.

“Yes, however, your worshippers are saying that you have several “guises”. I’m supposing that means that you had other people helping you.”

“Not at all!” The student said self righteously. “It’s all my own work.” Then, because he was young and curious continued “Where are they saying this?”

The examiner pointed. “Here they know you as Jensa, but also mention Kaleri and Shen. Are you sure you didn’t have help?”

“Not at all! Is it unusual to be known under different names?”

“Usually when a project turns to worship it is towards the one that created it. Here I am finding more and more conflicting…. hold on and let me look closer.”

The examiner turned the project thoughtfully. “It doesn’t seem to be as conflicting as I first thought. But it’s definitely odd. Here” he pointed “they worship you as the single creator and credit you with giving love and peace.” He pointed at another spot “And here they worship you as the single creator and credit you with giving love and peace.”

“But that’s the same thing, you said they both worshipped me for the same thing!” The student looked puzzled.

“They seem to – and yet this group” pointing “are fighting and killing this group” pointing “for saying… This is very confusing. I think we need more details.”

The examiner and student both took seats and zoomed into different areas of the project.

“Yes, here they are saying that you force women to cover themselves, and here – here only a selected group, again women, are forced to cover themselves.”

“And they are killing each other? Actually killing each other over this?” The student’s brow was creased with confusion.

“That seems to be a point. Interestingly, the “selected group” of women here have to cover themselves because they are your wives.” The examiner tried, rather unsuccessfully to cover a smile.

“My WHAT?” the student exclaimed.

“Oh, hold on, my mistake…” the examiner started

“I’d think so. What would I do with wives?” The student said, sagging a little in relief.

“Not your wives, no. The wives of your son. Yes that’s it, your son. Who is, apparently, also you.”


“Yes, and – ah! There is a book.”

The student looked a little shame faced. “Well, I did take notes, and I guess some of it filtered down.”

The examiner shrugged. “It happens. What’s odd here is that there is more then one book.”

The student looked puzzled. “More then one book? How many books are there, 2? 3?”

The examiner paused for a time “Nine million, three hundred thousand and forty eight. And a half.”

“Nine million, three hundred…” the student started to repeat in shock “Hold on, a half?”

“Yes, it is just being written.” the examiner explained. “Of course, that covers all the time since you started.”

“But I only just finished!” the student said.

“They have been busy. It would seem that they are a very creative bunch as well. That shows that you have a creative mind, that shows promise.” the examiner said approvingly.

The student smiled, a little nervously, mollified slightly by the praise.

“Unfortunately most of that creativity has gone towards creating new and spectacular ways of killing each other. It seems they started with a rock and now they have rockets. Oh listen, they even have a song about it…”And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air”. Nice tune.”

“But that’s dreadful!” the student said, aghast.

“Yes. The whole question of your worship is what is driving this project and it is developing quickly. This person here…” the examiner scrolled back slightly “arranged for the death of thousands of these people because apparently they killed your son.”

The student covered his eyes with one hand. “Is this the son that is married to those women and who is also me?” he asked, shaking his head slightly.

“Yes, that’s the one. Apparently these people have been given the blame for killing him. Let’s go back a bit further and look at this “son” of yours. Ah here it is.”

The examiner paused for so long that the student finally looked up. “What is it now?” he asked.

The examiner licked his lips. “Well, this “son” – nice piece of work, by the way, good philosophy, is – it’s very confusing – but he is a member of the people who are being blamed for killing him.”

“They killed one of their own? What am I saying? They are all the same!” Tears came to the student’s eyes.

“Not exactly. I have to say this is the most complicated set up I’ve seen for a long time. I think you had a very good base, but it seems to have escaped your control. It will be interesting to see where these people end up. And all in your name.”

“I don’t think so” the student said “I think I’ll just start again.”

And so God destroyed the world, took a deep breath, and started to plan his next assignment.

The examiner patted him on the shoulder. “I think you did the right thing.” he said, and moved on to the next student.