Black and White

Many years ago I did a lot of scratchboard (information about what that is soon). This month, on the “Monthly Painters Challenge” group on face book the subject was “Black and White” so naturally my thoughts turned to scratchboard.

Scratchboard is a medium where a piece of wood (or paper) is covered in white clay, then sprayed with Indian ink. The ink is scratched off using various mediums to show the white clay, and is either left black and white or coloured.

Without more ado I’ll unveil my challenge piece for this month.

Girl with feathers in her hair

And some close ups…

Close up 1

You start to get an idea of how many scratches goes into work like this.

Close up 2

We timed me several times, and I average 135 cuts into the black ink per minute. This picture took over 50 hours. So, on average, this picture is made up from 405,000 scratches. I used a very fine exacto knife for most of it, for some sections I used a needle in a holder.

Although the theme is “Black and White” I’m considering painting her lips and the feathers and maybe her eyes.

The size is 16″ x 20″ and it is for sale for $3,500. If you are interested please email me at