Vegie gardening has become a bit of an obsession, which is a problem at the moment as damaged ligaments in my knees are stopping me from weeding! Well, the weeds will just have to grow for awhile until I can kneel again.

Somewhat surprised at the shape my cucumbers are growing, until I realise that they were mislabeled and what I have is more likely to be butternut pumpkin. Perfect shape for them.

Hopefully the “other” cucumbers will actually be cucumbers. Lots of flowers but no fruit yet to let me know either way.

I don’t have an elephant to measure it with, but the corn is almost as high as the house. Next year I’ll plant more of it, once the hedge is gone.

The zucchini out the front are incredible – every day I’m picking 4 or 5 – and if I miss one day then they are HUGE. Giving them away and making a lot of zucchini bread.

I have green and yellow. The yellow taste the same as the green, but are prettier.

The beans are still producing well, but it looks like the plants are dying back a bit.

Citrus fruit trees