Rose Dreaming

This is my painting for the monthly painters challenge.  The subject was “something beginning with “R”, which is pretty “random” (groan)

Red Rose was pretty obvious, so I decided to do that.  Well, by the time it’s finished there is a red rose – be patient!

To start with, this painting is a grisaille – which means it’s monotone until you glaze colour over it. I did it this way because lately I’ve been painting alla prima and wanted to do something different.

Step one, the composition, I forgot to take a photo of. I never think to take photos until I’m half way though. Never mind. (clicking the pictures will open a larger version in a new window)

About this time I realised I should have been doing this on a very smooth board, not a canvas panel, but too late to start again now.

I had to let that dry a few days so that I could go over the whites, which were starting to blend in too much.

The “finished” monotone.

Then I had to let it dry completely – 10 days – before I could touch it again. Just as well I started early in the month!

At this point I have two focal points – the “rose” and the girls face. This could be a problem. But my thinking is that this will change once I add colour.

First glaze.

It actually took about 5 glazes, leaving a day or two in between. But to make a long story short – the final picture. “Rose dreaming” – but is the girl dreaming of the rose, or is the rose dreaming of the girl?

And if you would like to buy this – $200 + postage and just leave me a comment here, or on my facebook

I am Icarus

I kind of lost this one half way though, because mum had to go back to hospital. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

I was born with wings, but afraid to fly
My wings would draw attention to me,
You can’t hide when you have wings.
The conflict – I want everyone to know me / I want to be alone
My wings are my talent, my fear is success…
or is it failure?
If I never try, then I can’t fail.
But my wings exist, and I have to use them, even if I only fly alone.

Eliza Leahy