Gardening, not painting

Naturally there are times when I don’t paint.  One of the other things I do is garden – for food.  I would love to pull up all the lawn and plant food instead, and one day I probably will (alright, not all the lawn!)

At the moment, however, all my vegies are in pots.  So, here are some photos…

Two rows down the side of the house, it gets about 7 hours sunlight in summer, a little more in winter when the sun is lower. Silver beet, onions, lettuce, parsley, eggplant and beans.

The cluster around the water tank – mint, sage, capsicum, chillies, basil, errr, other things

Cucumbers and onions outside the front door. I’m sure I’ll put other things here as well eventually.

One bit of passion fruit trellis, which will no doubt grow as the plant does.

A row of dwarf beans – with a pot of sage in the middle. To the left is a young zucchini

That same zucchini from a slightly different angle, with a lemon tree and a “bulls heart” tomarto (just planted yesterday)

Tomato corner. The one on the left is a “pomato” – it is a tomato grafted to a potato!

The back wall – potatoes and an eggplant. Oh, and that huge hairy thing is called “vitamin green”.

Another type of passionfruit


And a few things planted in the garden for good measure, silver beet, rosemary, strawberry and onions.

Around the back (no photo) I have more silver beet, beetroot and spinach, but it doesn’t get much sun, so I’m not sure how they will go.

Bizzzy Bee

30cm x 40cm
Oil on canvas board
$200 – email Eliza Leahy at

Bee painting

I was a little worried about this months topic because there is one particular bug I have a phobia about, and I’m scared someone is going to paint it!
But I just had to take part, because one of my favourite things is the bee. They work so industriously, and I love painting them. I’ve painted bees in coloured pencil, but this is the first I’ve done in oil paints.
This bee was in our yard. I don’t know the name of the flowers, but they are actually yellow/orange. I changed the to pink for the purpose of the painting to make the bee stand out more.

White cat

Love the way the cats white coat picks up the surrounding colours.

White Cat

I’m working on two larger pieces at the moment. One is sandcrabs at low tide. They are everywhere here! I’m looking forward to getting back to it, the background (sandbars at low tide) has been drying. I hope it’s dry enough tomorrow.

The other is a little girl building sandcastles at Kings Beach, Caloundra.

Moet and Chandon

My first commission since moving to the Sunshine Coast – a pair of lovely poodles.  They are just delightful!

Their mum has a pianola and they like to sit on top of it while she plays.

Moet and Chandon

Sea Change

We are very much enjoying living on the Sunny Sunshine Coast. The weather has been wonderful, although we could do with some rain.

I’ve set up a little studio outside on the verandah and it’s been lovely painting in the fresh air.

Inspired by the beach…

walking along the beach

little girl on the beach
The blue bucket