The new adventures of Spiderman

Meet “Spiderman” the most amazing artists model I’ve ever seen!

This model of Spiderman, bought out in 2003 for whatever Spideman movie was released at that time, has an amazing 67 points of articulation.

Of course, this model of Spiderman wasn’t originally bought out to be an artist model.  He was, of course, merchandise from the Spiderman series – meant to be a collectors piece.  But he can be so much more!!!

Let’s see how he compares to other models that artists use…

I am not going to even bother putting up a picture of those horrific wooden models sold in art supply stores.  They aren’t even vaguely human, and useless as a model to sketch from.

Slightly better, (actually, I thought “pretty good” until I saw Spiderman) are the S. Buck models.  I have a pair of those…

Is it just me, or do they really look nervous?

As you can see, they don’t really compete!

They are much smaller, harder to pose, they don’t stand up by themselves (Spidie does!) and they have only 30 or so points of articulation, next to his 67 points!

Yes, they do look nervous, and for good reason.  I have a feeling they will be spending a lot more time in the cupboard.

Look on the bright side guys – at least you have each other for company!

Here is Spidie in his “I’m such a cool model” pose.

He not only supports himself standing, but with a bit of playing around, he kneels too.  I think I can make him kneel with both feet on the ground (one is over the ledge here), I haven’t finished playing with him yet!

Those feet are great, his balance is wonderful, I love the way his toes curl up at the ends.  I bet he is a great dancer.


And his hands…

Sensitive and gentle, I’m sure!  Each joint is articulated exactly as my own.  I plan on teaching him to type.

Now that I’ve gloated about having my very own, hard to find, limited edition Spiderman model, what, you may ask, am I going to do with him?

Well, over the next days and weeks (as time allows) I will be using him to do sketches, just sketches until we get to know one another better.

Hopefully, before long, he will be allowing me to do full paintings!

Hmmm, I wonder if he will pose nude?