Little Girl Heaven!

Spent the afternoon with my granddaughters the other day. They live in Dubai, so I don’t get to see them very often. I may have overdone the sewing a little bit – the frustrated grandmother in me! My son groaned when he saw me turn up with a suitcase!

Enough with the words, here are some photos.

So much pink! So much pink!

Little Eva

Luen seeing how many things she can hold at once

Luen loved her new sunglasses!

As long as it’s pink, it’s a hit with Mia!

You have to twirl in a twirly skirt!

Sweet little peasant dress

Some countries need a more “modest” outfit for the girls – they absolutely must have sleeves. The easiest, prettiest, bestest pattern I found was the one from “Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom” (pattern link here)

It’s from this pattern that these dresses were made…

The dress sews up quickly, and as it doesn’t need buttons it’s perfect for this project!

I hope that you will have a go at making this lovley dress, and letting Jamie know about it! She loves to see what people make from her patterns.

Sewing – the patterns!

The clothing that I’m making to send overseas are all made from very simple patterns. In some cases the only “pattern” is the shape of the arm hole.

The dresses with the straps are called “pillowslip dresses” because they can be made from pillowslips. Mine aren’t, they are all made from scratch from lengths of fabric. This is because they are made in different sizes.

You can find patterns for pillowship dresses all over the net. Some are fancier then others. Here are some that I like.

The dresses I make are slightly different in that they have elastic across the front and back and tie around the arms. The measurements I use are these – worked out and donated specifically for projects like this one.

Here is the pattern for the armholes

And here is the sizing chart.

I’d like to thank everyone who came up with these patterns for the use of those who sew for charity – and for mums who sew.

I’ll put up more pattern links in my next post.


It’s actually cold here, we must be having our one week of Winter! I have my ugh boots on, and it’s hard to sew with them on, and my fingers are cold as well, which makes fidderly things even fidderlier.

I made a dress, and have started another, but I also made some keyrings to go to YOU, the backers. Anyone donating $20 or more gets one if you live in Australia. If you are outside and you would like one I’m more then happy to send you one if you pay the postage.

We are half way there! In donations that is. In dresses, I’m up to number 31, 4 pairs of shorts, 2 t-shirts, 2 other shirts and 5 bags. I found some more grossgrain ribbon and I’m expecting my “wholesale roll” to arrive tomorrow or Friday, so I can make some more. In fact, I think I’ll do that this afternoon as I get to use the iron more and that will warm up my hands!

I hope you like the keyrings. They will be reminders of your generousity because they are made from the material left over from the clothing.

Please help me post the dresses!


Yesterday I ironed the calico that I had dyed, found some pretty contrasting material strips and made a few bags as a test. I used grossgrain ribbon on a couple as handles, and made a handle for one out of the material. There is no doubt that the grossgrain speeds up the process, so I look forward to recieving the roll of bright green that I have ordered through the Caloundra Sewing Centre – who have been wonderful; letting me buy wholesale through them and helping with tips when I get stuck or my sewing machines aren’t behaving the way that they should. Who would have thought that just changing the needles would solve so many problems!

I also made two dresses, but haven’t put in the elastic yet.

I washed some more of the fabric and found a long piece of denim! Thank you Tracies mum!!! It will make wonderful strong shorts for the boys!

I was up at 5 this morning, looking for free t-shirt patterns. I have only made one t-shirt so far, and it was a girls pattern and I wanted to see the difference between boys and girls. The difference is in the shoulder width – that’s all. So now I’ll make a few t-shirts and shorts.

Here are the 5 bags I’ve made so far. They only have to be the size of an A4 paper, to fit an exercise book and pencil in. These are a tiny bit bigger.

5 bags

If you would like to donate to help post all these things you can do so through kickstart – thanks!

New dresses – with sleeves

Some of the countries the clothing are sent to require sleeves for modesty. It actually feels good to sew something beside the “pillowslip” style.

I’ve also recieved three HUGE donations of material! I’m not sure they will make ALL the clothing – but they certainly will go a long way towards helping!

Thank you so much to the wonderful people who donated the material as well as the two lovely ladies who are helping me by doing a couple of loads of washing! All material has to be washed before it can be used. One lot had been packed away for 10 years! It will see the light of day in countries we can only imagine!


Charity project – 100 dresses for “dress a girl around the world”

I looked at a lot of different charities before picking this one.  I like this one because they don’t just send to one country, but send parcels anywhere that is needed.  It’s all clothing – all brand new and made by hand with love.  Mostly it’s dresses, but also clothing for boys.

What got me was when they said “Make the dress with care as it might be the only dress a girl will ever have.”

I’ve made these so far…

I’ll put pictures of the dresses up here to show you.